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Have you heard the new way of marketing web sites? No, I am not talking about PPC (Pay Per Click), or PPI (Pay Per Imprint). Those do not work well. What you want, is for your web site to show up several times in the top thirty places during a search. This is called an organic search. The more often your web site shows up in the top thirty spots in a search, the more likely you will get traffic to your web site. The more traffic you are able to direct to your web site, the more likely you are going to get business.

This is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This is one of the areas we specialize in. We have a team that spends their time just working on SEO. Part of this is called SMO or Social Media Optimization.

SEO & SMO Information

What is SEO & SMO? How does it work? I am glad you asked. Here is some information to get you started.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization and SMO is Social Media Optimization. The key to a successful web site is being found in the search engines.

When someone is looking for a product or service, they use a search engine to find information. SEO is the process of optimizing your web site and other aspects to make sure that the search engines can find you.

Over 90% of the clicks go to sites listed on the first two pages of Google's search results. If you are not on the first two pages, you will not get found. We try to get you multiple times on the first two pages.

Keywords are what your customers type into Google to find your business. Researching the right keywords, and making your site rise to the top for them, is what we do best.

The central focus of your our program is creating professionally written and strategically-targeted content, combined with an effective social networking strategy targeting your customer demographics.

  • We do the Research
  • We do the Writing
  • We do the Reporting
  • You Get the Traffic!

According to Google, you should "Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings..." The fact is, no one but Google can control that. We have a client who approached us and was concerned that the person who they hired were not getting results. We did research and found out that due to improper practices, Google had banned their site and there was nothing they could do.

We offer a personalized service from a team of SEO professionals dedicated to delivering the results you need to succeed in today's highly-competitive environment.

We have different packages to accommodate your budget and needs. It does not matter if you site is new or old, large or small; you need SEO. Every time you make a change to your site, you need to let the search engines know. We do that by creating an XML Sitemap and submitting that to the search engines so that they have an index of your site.

Prices and packages are subject to change without notice.

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